Falcon's J/C Fanfic


INTERMEZZO: (PG) This is a "moment-in-time" J/C story.  (A Voyager & Liberty a/u fic).

EINE KLEINE NACHTMUSIK: (NC-17) Sometimes you're just too tired to resist. A 2004 Secret Valentine for JetC40.

UNIFORM RESULTS: (PG) A JetC40's April Fool's Day Challenge fic with TWO endings!




Tayzie's J/C Fanfic


WHO LET KATHRYN LOOSE? PG: Kathryn wants to know if Hawaiian Highjinks and logic mix. A JetC40's April Fool's Day Challenge fic.

THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE DARK NC-17: Chakotay is enjoying a bath. Kathryn is wanting a bath. But where is the water?



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