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SUMMARY: Chakotay is enjoying a bath. Kathryn is enjoying a bath. But where is the bath?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I was enjoying a quiet chat on MSN when JinnyR appeared and said "Write. Now". Gulp, what could I do?


Things That Go Bump in the Night


Chakotay eased out of the Jeffries tube and slowly straightened his back. The ion storm they had hit had done a lot of damage ship wide. For two days everyone had been working to get systems back on line. There was still a lot to be done but after a 24 hour shift he finally had some time off. He was so tired and filthy that all he could think about was a bath, food and bed.

He walked slowly along the corridor towards his quarters. Thoughts of a long hot soak filled his mind. He ached in muscles he didn’t know he had. He reached his door, walked in and headed straight towards his bathroom. His shirt hit the floor, trousers the couch, boxers the coffee table, shoes and socks landed in the opening to his bedroom.

Chakotay turned the taps on the bath and sank to the floor waiting for it to fill. An ominous rumble sounded. Water spurted from the taps, slowed to a trickle and stopped. He stared in disbelief. He thumped the wall behind the taps. Nothing. He turned the taps off and on. Nothing. He sighed from the depths of his soul. Okay, a shower it was.

He walked into the shower recess and turned on the taps. A sudden gush of cold water hit him full in the chest. He leapt sideways just as the water died. Chakotay groaned and switched to a sonic shower. Nothing happened.

He stalked out of the bathroom and grabbed his shirt off the floor . He hit his combadge.

"Chakotay to B’Elanna."

"B’Elanna here . What’s the problem? Unless it’s life threatening it has to wait."

Chakotay glared at the ceiling. "No it can wait," he muttered. He tried again.

"Chakotay to Janeway."

"Janeway here."

"Kathryn the water supply to my bathroom is on the blink. Any chance I could use yours?"

"You want to soak in my bath?". He heard a soft laugh over the com link. "I will be at least another hour, so yes feel free."

"Kathryn I owe you."

Chakotay threw on some clothes and headed next door. He used his override and entered the cabin. Darkness greeted him. "Lights at 50%," he said, stopping just inside the door. "Lights at 50%," he ground out in frustration. He sighed and groped his way to the bathroom. He found the bath and turned the taps. Hot water gushed out. Chakotay shed his clothes and climbing in, sat with a blissful sigh into the steaming water.



Kathryn wiggled out from under the engineering station and climbed to her feet. "I think that’s it for this one," she said to her engineer.

B’Elanna grimaced, "Well, we only have 20 more to go. Captain, you need to have some downtime."

"Don’t even let anyone try and come between me and my bath." Kathryn gave B’Elanna a friendly pat and started towards the doors.

"Just don’t fall asleep in there," B’Elanna called after her.

Kathryn laughed.

"Lights at 30%," she called as she entered her quarters. She stopped in pitch darkness. "Lights at 30%." Kathryn groaned and stumbled towards her bathroom. She felt in the dark for the bath taps, missed and plunged her hand into hot water. Funny, she thought, I could have sworn I emptied the bath yesterday morning. I even left it on permanent heat. Oh well no point in wasting it. She dropped her clothes on the floor and climbed in holding onto the taps for support. She sank into the water straight onto something soft. She gasped and tried to scramble to her feet but lost her balance and collapsed fully backwards.

The bath grunted and blew air into her ear. A pair of tentacles snapped around her and grabbed onto her breasts. Kathryn squeaked and lay still. Suddenly, she could feel a hardness pressing into her back.

She groped behind her and fastened onto something long and rigid. She squeezed and the bath jerked. The tentacles latched onto her breast constricted. She massaged her hand up and down. The tentacles moved to her nipples and gently pinched. Kathryn groaned. Her hand moved faster.

The bath growled into her ear, "Pass me the soap."


The End


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