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AUTHOR: Falcon


SUMMARY: Sometimes you're just too tired to resist. A 2004 Secret Valentine for JetC40.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: My thanks to Debbie and Shayenne - the best betas going. You are great.



Eine kleine Nachtmusik


Slowly they walked down the corridor, heading for the senior officers' area. As was too often the case, they were propping each other up as they walked. Too many hours spent working. Again. They stopped in front of Kathryn’s door first.

"Good night, Kathryn. Try to get some sleep," said Chakotay. "We have another busy day ahead of us this morning."

"Come on in, Chakotay. Let’s have a cup of tea and relax a bit before we try to sleep."

"All right, but just for a little while. I really have to get some sleep tonight. Or what’s left of the night."

As the doors closed behind them, Kathryn crossed to the replicator and ordered two cups of hot Jasmine Green tea. Bringing the cups back to the couch, she handed one to Chakotay and inhaled the fragrance of her own cup before sipping the aromatic liquid. During a short pause in the conversation, Kathryn looked over at her companion. His head was lolling to the side as his eyes drifted shut. The cup was about to slip from his fingers when she deftly snagged it stopping the hot liquid from spilling out on to his leg.

"That’s it Commander, you are too tired to even try to walk next door. I’m putting you to bed right here," she said. "Behave, you," she said firmly as he tried to leer at her. All he succeeded in doing was to make her laugh at the expression on his face.

"Come on. My bed is big enough for two friends."

She slipped her arm in his and led him into her bedroom. As he headed for the bed, Kathryn stepped into the bathroom to get ready for bed. This night instead of her usual silky gown, she chose a shorts set instead. When she came out, Chakotay was already under the covers asleep.

"Goodnight, Chakotay," she whispered while lightly brushing his tattoo with her lips. She stood there for a moment watching him sleep while the familiar ache rose within her. Oh how she wished this could happen every night. She sighed and crawled in on the other side and drifted off to sleep.

Sometime later, she was jarred awake by the sound of someone moaning, "No,no, no" over and over again. Calling out for lights at 25%, she realized it was Chakotay. Shaking him gently, she woke him up.

"Chakotay, what is it? Were you dreaming?"

He looked at her with a confused expression on his face until he realized where he was. Lying there on his back, he stared up at the ceiling with the back of his had resting on his forehead.

"Kathryn, I am sorry. I should have gone back to my quarters. I’ll go now and maybe you can get some sleep."

Saying this he started to rise from the bed, but was held back by a slender hand resting on his arm.

"I don’t think so, Chakotay. How long has this been going on?" she asked.

Sighing, he said, "Kathryn, I really don’t want to burden you with my problems. With everything else that is going on now, you don’t need any more on your shoulders. I will be okay. I just need to leave now and let you get to sleep."

"Stop right there," she ordered in a command voice, effectively his protests. "Chakotay, this is Kathryn. Your friend as you are mine. I want to help you the way you help me."

As he turned back to her, she saw the despair and sadness in his eyes. "Kathryn, I really think it is better if I leave now."

"No," she stated. "Chakotay, you have been our counselor for the past four years. At one time or another everyone on this ship has come to you for help which you have freely given. Why can’t you accept the same thing that you give to others?"

"It is hard for me to open up to others Kathryn. That is something that has always been difficult for me to do."

"Let me help. Please." she said softly, looking into his eyes. "How long has this been going on?"

Sighing, he answered her questions. "For the past three nights. Ever since we got the last datastream from Starfleet Command." I am not really sure I can put it into words just yet. Things are so jumbled in my mind that I just can’t seem to sort out the different pieces and make any sense of them."

Kathryn sat back and leaned against the head of the bed. "Would you like to talk about what you can remember and see if that will help you sort things out? I am here and would really like to help you."

Chakotay’s muscles relaxed under her hand and scooted up to lean against the headboard. He looked over at her and gave her a faint smile. "Are you sure you want to listen to this? Most of what I can remember is the stuff of which nightmares are made. You won’t be getting much sleep if I start."

Kathryn smiled back and told him, "Chakotay, friendship works both ways. This time it is your turn to be in need. And to be the taker instead of the giver."

"Okay then, Kathryn. My dreams jump from one place to another. And they all center around the Cardassian attack on Dorvan V. I was meditating after the last datastream and that has triggered memories of things I would rather not have remembered. My dreams are centered on the things that I saw when we were attacked."

Kathryn frowned at this. "Chakotay, are you telling me you were there when the attack occurred? Your StarFleet records don’t show you being there at that time."

"My official records show that I was on a ship near Qo’nos at the time. I had actually been detached and sent to the DMZ on a scouting mission. Even then there were some members of StarFleet who didn’t quite trust the Cardassians."

"But that doesn’t explain why you were on Dorvan at that time."

"Sheer luck-good or bad I don’t know to this day. Part of the mission was near Dorvan space and I had taken a few days of leave to visit my family. My leave was up and my ship was to have picked me up the next day. Instead I became a "guest" of the Cardassians."

Kathryn looked over at him with sadness showing on her face. "Chakotay, why don’t you tell me what you can remember. Maybe that will help you sort it all out. Do you think the datastream has triggered your memories?"

"I really don’t know for sure," Chakotay replied. "That is the only answer I can come up with-the fact that we are closer to Earth and are hearing from Starfleet on a regular basis. I have meditated and not been able to find any peace through meditations. My thoughts and memories won’t sort themselves out.

I can remember bits and pieces of the dreams. People shot down where they stood. Children murdered in front of their parents. Women, oh spirits what those animals did to the women and girls. And made the men watch before they took us off for more entertainment."

"And you saw all this happen?" she asked. "Chakotay, I am so sorry. I did not know you had been through all that."

"No, Kathryn. Don’t. It is not your fault. You did not sell my people out."

"I am StarFleet though. I can’t help but feel somewhat responsible for their actions."

"Yes you are, but you were not in command at that time. You could not have done anything to change the attack. Nor could I, but I still feel guilty for being StarFleet and still being alive. There have been many times I wish the Cardassians had killed me too."


"Kathryn, please no more right now. I just can’t handle the memories this conversation is bringing up." As he said this, his eyes slid sideways to hers and she could see clearly the pain and loss showing there.

"All right, then don’t think. Lay your head down on my lap and try to relax."

As he settled his head on her lap, she stroked his hair delighting in the softness of the raven strands sliding through her fingers. Bending over him, she looked at the full lips that had been so prominent in her dreams for the past 4 years. Closing the space between them, she softly brushed her lips across his.

Startled, Chakotay drew back from her. "No Kathryn, don’t. I don’t want your pity."

"And you don’t have it either. The last thing I feel for you is pity. Now, you be quiet and just lay back. Too much time has been wasted as it is."

"Yes Ma’am," he said with a faint grin as he laid back with his head on the pillow.

Shaking her head at his off-beat sense of humor, Kathryn knelt before him and pulled off the top of her pajamas followed by the shorts. She sat there bathed in the dim cabin light and the starlight from the viewport over her bed, as he gazed at her with a rapt expression on his face.

"Someone is a bit over dressed here," she said, arching her eyebrow at him. "Let me help you with those."

Saying that, she reached down and with his help pulled off his tee shirt and boxer briefs. "Much better," she said, filling her eyes with the long awaited sight in front of her.

Slowly Kathryn leaned over Chakotay and glided her hands over his chest up to his face. Completing the closure of the space between them, she began to kiss him and nibble on his lips.

Moaning softly, Chakotay wrapped both hands around her slim waist and pulled her down on top of him. As the kiss deepened, tongues reached out and joined in the exciting exploration. Kathryn was rapidly losing herself when Chakotay rolled them over and brought one hand up to cup her breast.

He took the nipple between two fingers and gently pulled and rolled it. Kathryn moaned and reached down for his hard length. Backing away, he told her to wait her turn, that this was his counseling session. His hand stroked her breast as his lips breathed feather- like kisses along her jaw and neck to her shoulder. Then he worked his way down her throat and chest until he reached her breast.

One hand was busy stoking and rubbing her breast while his mouth-oh, God his wonderful mouth-created havoc on the other breast. His talented tongue suckled and laved her nipple. Kathryn was arched underneath him trying to get more of her breast into his mouth. Then his hand slowly began to descend until it cupped her Venus Mont. As she whimpered, he moved closer to the core of warmth waiting for him. Sliding in one finger, he waited for her to adjust. He knew it had been a long time for her.

"Ch-Ch-Chakotay, don’t stop please," she moaned.

Slowly he inserted a second and then a third finger. As he began an in and out motion, his thumb was stroking her tiny bundle of nerves with every plunge. Kathryn felt a static charge begin to build in the pit of her stomach and began a trilling sound. Just when she felt she was going over the edge, he suddenly sucked hard on her nipple while plunging his fingers deep. His thumb rubbed her clitoris and his pinky finger teased her anus. Kathryn screamed and came hard. He kept stroking her clitoris and she came again, fainting from the strength of her orgasm.

When she came to, she found herself in Chakotay’s arms. He was looking down at her with all the love he had kept hidden for the past four years.

"Thank you my love. That was absolutely incredible. Now it is your turn," Kathryn stated changing their positions so that he was now under her.

He looked up at her and told her, "I am yours. Do with me as you wish."

With that she leaned over him caressing his chest and shoulders with her hands. His eyes closed as he abandoned himself to the sensations she was awakening in him. Her soft hands stroked across his pectoral muscles as her thumbs rubbed his flat nipples. A soft moan escaped his throat. Slowly her hands moved down as her lips and teeth nipped at his nipples. Soon her hands were within striking distance of the prize she sought.

Chakotay gasped as Kathryn took his hard length in her hands. She was not able to wrap one hand around him-he was not small by any means. Holding his steel hard shaft, she watched his face as she reached out her tongue and slowly licked up the ridged side. He moaned and shuddered at the sensations she was creating in him lifting his hips off the bed towards her.

"No, Chakotay. Stay still," she said while holding him by his beautifully muscled thighs. Slowly she licked up each side of his shaft as if she were consuming an ice cream cone (coffee flavored, of course). Then when he could hardly stand it any longer, she swooped down engulfing the upper part of the shaft in her hot mouth.

"Oh sweet spirits," he moaned. "You’re going to kill me."

Kathryn continued her relentless assault, sucking on the upper part of his shaft while pumping the lower half in her hand.

"Gods, stop. Want to be in you. Have waited too long for this." At this point Chakotay was almost incoherent with his need. He lifted Kathryn up over him and positioned her. She held his penis in one hand and rubbed it across her weeping lips drawing groans from both of them. Placing it at the entrance to her center, she slowly started sinking down on him. Chakotay had just enough sanity left to realize he needed to go slowly to allow her to adjust to his size. Slowly they slid together until she was sitting on his groin.

"My God, Chakotay. I’ve never been so completely filled in my life."

"Oh, Kathryn we were made for each other. I have never felt anything as incredible as you."

Slowly she started moving as he gave a short pump. Realizing it wasn’t uncomfortable she gave him a longer stroke. Kathryn felt she was about to lose her mind from the sensations flooding her. With his length and girth, every stroke rubbed her magic bundle of nerves and the special spot deep inside of her.

"U-n-g-h," she said, starring to trill again.

Chakotay reached up and started pinch-pulling her nipples. She came quickly, but before she could mellow down he reached down and began stroking her clitoris.

Kathryn arched her body pushing her breast into his hand and screamed, taking long, deep strokes. Chakotay watched her with narrowed eyes. He knew this would finish him off as well. When Kathryn began to come, he plunged hard and deep feeling her innermost walls rubbing along his hypersensitve length. Roaring deeply, she loosed his cream into her setting off her orgasm.

As she collapsed on his chest, she told him that from now on they would be together and she would love him the rest of his life and beyond. Together they would work through both their fears and dreams.

Looking at the woman he held, Chakotay told her, "I love you forever, Kathryn. I am yours now and always. We make beautiful music together."

The End


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