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AUTHOR: Falcon


SUMMARY: This is a "moment-in-time" J/C story. A Voyager & Liberty fic.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: My Very First Fanfic! Thanks to Deb and Jinny, my dear JetC40 sissies, for the late night encouragement and love. I could not have done it without you. And a special thanks to Deb for the beta.




Captain’s log Stardate 21692. We are limping toward the next solar system which is approximately ten light years ahead of us. We are so very lucky; we lost no crewmembers during the last battle. The casualty rate was also lower than any of our previous battles. Perhaps we are learning to fight these Delta Quadrant races. I do hope so, as we may have 70 years of this quadrant to pass through. End log. Janeway, Captain recording.



Bree-oppp said the door to the Ready Room.

Sighing, Captain Janeway said, "Come."

Rising from her desk she crossed to the replicator for a well-deserved cup of coffee. With energy supplies as low as they were, she had to ration herself to two real cups a day. With her habit, this was a sacrifice beyond comparison!!

Looking at the door to see the identity of her visitor, she smiled and ordered a hot herbal tea as well. Crossing back to the sofa, she indicated the place beside her and offered him the tea.

"Thank you Captain. I came to see if I could dig you out of here for some lunch," Chakotay smiled.

"Lunch? I don’t have time for that, Liberty. There are reports to finish reading and repairs to authorize. I can’t take the time away just now."

"Yes, lunch Kathryn Rose. You know - the meal between the breakfast you didn’t eat and the dinner you will probably skip? And don’t you have a First Officer to help with that? What does that Vulcan do all day?"

"Chakotay, I really don’t want to fight with you right now. I just can’t spare the time or the energy."

"Actually, the reason I am here is two-fold. The first being you have to eat. I like you nice and rounded in places," he grinned roguishly at her.

"Well that is not your prerogative," she retorted. "I have a fiancé, you know."

"Yeah. And I am working on that too," he thought.

"Chakotay? Chakotay? CHAKOTAY!!"

"Uh, yes Captain?"

"The second reason," she prompted.

"Oh. Yes. Umm. B’Elanna asked me to ask you to come down to Engineering. Seems she has something there that requires your attention. And after that, we can stop off at the Mess Hall. Lunch, remember?"

Glaring at him, she suddenly realized just why she felt so irritable and smiled. "Ok, you win. After engineering, lunch. Satisfied?"

Chakotay nodded as he treated her to a double dose of dimples. "Oh, my," she thought. "Those dimples should be marked as lethal. I don’t know how much longer I can resist. Buck up Kathryn. Mark, Mark, Mark. Damn, not working."

Shaking herself, she led the way to the door that led out into the corridor. Looking around she could see evidence of the last battle they had fought. Panels still down, debris not yet cleared away and recycled.

Watching the direction of the Captains’ eyes, Chakotay lightly touched her elbow. Looking down at her he gently smiled and offered her silent support.

Kathryn immediately felt better and then took a close look at him. Noticing for the first time the dark circles under his eyes. And were the planes of his face more angular?

"Chakotay, when is the last time you slept? Or ate?" She asked.

"Ummm. I am sorry Kathryn. I cannot remember. I think I ate something last night, and sleep? Well, there has been too much to do. Everyone needs to talk right now. And B’E has needed even my hands to help in Engineering."

"Ok, that is it. You bug me to take care of myself. Who looks after you? Can’t have you collapsing on me now."

They had continued their walk down the corridor and were now entering the turbolift.

Looking down at her, Chakotay stepped closer to her. "Are you volunteering for the job, Kathryn Rose? I guarantee lifetime employment." He asked the question softly against her lips but just as he was about to close the last inch, the lift stopped.

Grinning at her, he stood aside as the Captain exited the lift and hit the doors for Engineering in full sail. As she entered the first person she saw was her Chief Engineer.

"Report Chief."

"Captain, we’ve detected some damage to the warp engines after this last fracas. It’s microscopic and doesn’t affect us at this point. However, if we don’t repair the damage soon, we’ll have to decide whether to eject the core or blow ourselves up", stated B’Elanna.

Arching her eyebrow she looked at the Chief and asked what was holding up the decision. Surely Torres did not want to blow herself up?

"Captain," Torres replied, "In order to do a proper repair, we’ll have to put the ship down on a planet and shut down everything that uses power from the warp engines. We will be able to run sensors, for example. But not replicators for anything other than making parts." Having said that she looked over at the man who had accompanied Janeway and smiled a greeting at him.

"Then I guess I had better tell Mr. Kim to scan for a temperate planet we can put down on. Sounds like we’ll be camping out while repairs are underway. Is there anything special you’ll need for the repairs, Chief?"

"As a matter of fact, Captain, we’ll need some dilithium and polyferranide. I can reinitialize what we have, but it would be much better to have fresh. Fresh will last longer and work better. Maybe we can actually get a bit ahead on our requirements and have some in stock."

"Janeway to Kim. Start scanning for a temperate planet with easily mineable supplies of dilithium and polyferranide. Find us a quiet area we can set down to repair Voyager." She turned back to Torres. "Anything else, Chief?"

"Nothing that I can think of right now, Captain, except," she paused here grinning over at the Captain, "if we have extra polyferranide, we can issue additional replicator rations."

Laughing at the look of longing on Janeway's face, Chakotay took her elbow and guided her out of Engineering. Stepping into the Turbolift he ordered, "Deck 2."

"Come on Kathryn. Let’s go eat and I’ll buy you a hot cup of coffee. And then, I want you to promise to catch a nap. We can’t be that close to a planet that you can’t get some rest."

"Alright Chakotay, I will rest if you will. You look as tired as I feel."

Grinning widely, he looked at her and said, "I accept, Kathryn Rose. Your place or mine?"

"Wha….." she stared at him. "In your dreams Chakotay." Silently she added, "and in mine."

"Oh yes, every night I can assure you. And when you do come to your senses, I will be waiting for you. We were born to be together." Chakotay said this to her while looking intently into her eyes. Lifting his hand, he brushed back a lock of hair that had fallen down from her bun.

Kathryn looked up at him and smiled. "But until that day, Chakotay, I need a friend more than anything. Will you be that friend and give me time?"

His expression softened as she spoke. Placing one hand on each shoulder, he pulled her closer to him. Brushing her cheek with his fingers, he then placed one hand behind her head and drew her closer to him. Placing a feather light kiss on her forehead he drew back and told her, "Yes. Now, always, and forever I will be yours."

Instead of the tears that threatened as she realized what he had told her, she forced herself to smile. Locking arms with him, she asked, "Now, didn’t you say something about a cup of coffee?"

Laughing they headed down the corridor to the turbolift secure in the knowledge the future would be an interesting one.

The End


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