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SUMMARY: By the time you're finished reading a summary, you would have finished reading the fic. My third drabble, and it wasn't even under duress -- unless you count the terrible flu I had at the time.


Border Crossing


She couldn't resist. She came closer and brought her face to his neck. He smelled good.

He stiffened and stood quietly, wondering what she'd do next. She'd never been this close to him before, but it seemed things were changing. He'd wait for her next move and react accordingly.

Another soft touch, quickly withdrawn. She backed up and looked at him with big eyes, obviously concerned.

Kathryn laughed. "Mollydog's spirit is willing, but her flesh is weak."

Chakotay scooped up Coffeecat and smiled. "Yes, but we're all family now so it's about time they got used to each other."

The End


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